Thursday, January 10, 2008

Our Last Days In Provo, Utah

It was so much fun going to our last BYU basketball game as students. (So, we hope!) David just graduated from BYU with his bachelors degree so we are moving to Columbus, Indiana. He got a job there working for Cummins, a diesel engine company. So, we spent our last days in Provo, Utah doing a few fun things that we really enjoyed doing while we were there. We went to the BYU game and got to sit on the second row. (David just loved it!)

Jackson had a lot of fun going on the basketball court before the game started with his dad. We knew a guy that works as a security guard down on the floor.

David finished up working at the MTC with his missionaries about a week ago. He worked there for three years and was really sad to actually leave his job. He just loved working with the missionaries. He loved to help missionaries grow and become better hard working missionaries that ready to go out into the field. He did such a great job doing it too.

This was Davids last group of missionaries he taught.

I was able to spend some time with my two sisters for the last time for a little while since we are moving pretty far away. We actually went snowboarding just the three of us up at Fairview for fun. It ended up being a complete blizzard and so we ended up snowboarding down the mountain on the street where we could get pulled by a rope behind my dads truck and could actually see where we were going. That was a blast, thanks mom and dad!

Nathan, Jacksons cousin, is getting so big. Jackson had so much fun playing with Nathan. It was fun to see Nathan walking around with his walker. He is just adorable.

They also had a lot of fun playing in my parents tent that my mom got at her book club. Jackson just had a ball going in and out of the tent. Thank goodness it wasn't a breakable tent. Jackson would jump in and out of it. He would also like to jump on it which was okay since it didn't break or anything.

As you can see Jackson is diving into the tent. He is one busy body. Always go...go..go!

Jackson loves soccer balls. Yes!!!


Jean Willard said...

Congratulations on the new job!!!! That is such great news. Let us know when you come to visit California so we can get together!

Jewels Rules said...

that's exciting.. good luck! Ya I broke it well I borke it like when I was 5 so it's always been a little crooked but a few months ago I broke it again hardcore so I got it fixed yay.. and now it is straight and well I can breathe woo for breathing..