Sunday, January 13, 2008

Time at Grandma and Grandpa Pendletons

It was so much fun this past week staying with Davids family down here in Riverside, California. One night we went to this place thats new around here called John's Incredible Pizza Company. It was awesome, they had a buffett of different pizzas, pastas and salads. They had different pizzas that were very unique like Cheeseburger pizza and Macaroni and Cheese pizza. It was fun also playing all the different games they had along with all the rollercoasters and other rides. An amusement park indoors. Way cool!

Jackson had a fun time playing around with his cousins. His little cousin Grant wanted him to go on the rollercoaster. So....

He even went on a rollercoaster for his first time.

He held on very tight to his daddy as you can see.

He seemed to really like it. I think the rollercoaster took him by surprise. He hasn't quite done anything like it that's for sure. He did cry a little after it got over. His cousins Jacob and Ethan went too. It seemed like the kids really had a blast.

Grandma Pendleton, David, Jackson, and Aunt Wendi had fun playing on this game called Jungle Safari. Grandma really got into it.

Jackson did not like the frog ride we put him on. Won't be doing that again for a while.

We had a lot of fun playing the basketball shooting game. Competing to see who could get the most baskets. Jackson loves shooting the basketball. He kept getting mad we wouldn't let him the whole time. He did get a few shots here and there though. Maybe he'll be a basketball player some day. Who knows? His daddy sure gets him into sports a lot.

I don't know if any one has seen this T.V. show but it's a game called Deal or No Deal. We had fun taking a few shots at it.

Here's David, Jackson and my sister in law Wendi. Jackson is struggling here to get down. He just wanted to run all over the place there.

Jackson loved playing the Skee ball game. His daddy helped him get a little closer to get a better shot.

Jacob is so good with his little sister Cambrie. He's always such a big helper.

Grant, Ethan, and their mom, Cindy (my sister-in-law) had fun playing the basketball game. They're such a cute family.

The place had fun rooms to eat in like a sport room, cartoon room where they were showing Jetsons, and many more. It was a way fun place to go to.

Jackson LOVES Elmo!

Jackson just loves to watch Elmo now. As you can tell he also likes to watch it while holding his Elmo doll and his baby doll that use to be Davids. It's so funny to watch how excited he gets when we turn Elmo on. He starts dancing and swinging his body in every which way.

At Grandma and Grandpa Pendletons Jackson loves to watch his cowboy up Elmo movie while riding the horse at their house. He gets really into it as you can tell.


The Dahle's said...

am i love ur pics! looks like u had a lot of fun! i want to go to that pizza place now it looks way cool and so much fun! i am jealous i need a vacation lol. i like the pictures of jackson watching elmo so cute. connor gets excited and starts clapping and jumping when we turn on the wii. love ya girl.

Kristi said...

looks like you guys are having a good time in Cali! That incredible pizza place looks like it was tons of fun...wish it was closer :) We miss you guys already. love you

Jean Willard said...

It's great to hear from you, David! We have Thursday night free. I was thinking we could go to dinner. I can call Ryan and David to see if they can come too. Let me know if that works for you and I will call the guys.

Jean Willard said...

Tonight we have some friends coming over for dinner and Brandon is going to fix their computer. Normally our schedule is wide open. Hopefully we can make something work.