Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I just had to note on here that two miracles happened on Sunday. First thing was that Jackson went to Nursery all by himself and stayed the whole time. Yay!!! We loved it, we were able to attend all of our classes while he played very nicely in Nursery. They said he cried the first five to ten minutes then was perfectly fine the rest of the time. We have great Nursery leaders. We hope this will continue. Second thing that happened on Sunday, something that Jackson has never done yet was that he fell asleep in his crib for a nap all by himself. David asked him if he wanted to go to his crib since we figured it was time for a nap after church, and he said "yeah!" so David layed him in his crib and he just layed there and didn't cry or anything and just fell asleep. I kept thinking there had to be something wrong, but no. It was totally amazing if you know Jackson. You would think that Jackson would never do such a thing. But believe it, it happened!

A picture of Jackson in Nursery. I never have my camera at church, but for some reason I had it that day.


TKA said...

Don't you just love when little amazing moments happen with these little ones?! That is awsome that he stayed in nursery the whole time...guess what?! Alexa did too! We haven't had the chance until now to let her try completely because I got called into the nursery, but they switched me to the older nursery now--yeah! And way to go Jackson on taking a nap so peacefully! :)

Sheri said...

Jackson is so adorable!! I miss you guys! I told Mom to bring Jackson back with her...we just love him so much!!

Busty LaRue said...

Aaah, nursery! I can't wait until those days! just 3 more months!! :) Jackson sure is a cutie!!