Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Inside our house!

Here are some pictures of inside our new house that we live in. Being here in Indiana my family hasn't been able to see it, so it's for them to actually see what our house looks like inside. We haven't really hung anything up on the walls, but just giving you a glance at what it looks like. This is our living room that we love with the 13 ft. vaulted ceilings, fireplace, and all the big windows that bring in lots of light.

This is a picture of our downstairs where we haveone of the love sacs my dad made for one Christmas. It's been awesome! My dad sells them if anyone is interested.

This is Jacksons room that is blue, with the crib and teepee. Thanks so much Marc and Cindy he just loves to play inside of it with his Elmo sleeping bag and pillow. Its so funny when he'll jump into it and hide then peek out and says peek-boo.

This is one of our bathrooms that we usually have guests use or we use mainly with Jackson.

This is our other bathroom that is in our room. We had a few things that we really wanted in our house and having two sinks was one of them. It's very nice to have. Also pictured is where our kitchen cabinets are. When we moved in there wasn't a microwave installed in the cabinet, but we thought since there isn't a whole ton of counter space it would be nice to have one. So, my Mr. handy husband installed one with the help of his dad while they were here. It is so nice and convienent. One picture is of before it was done and the other is when the microwave is finished. Thanks honey!

This is our hallway upstairs. On the left is our laundry closet with the washer & dryer. Then, the first door on the right is our office. The second door on the left is the other bathroom. The door down the hallway is just a closet and the last door on the right is Jacksons room. Our room is the door I'm in looking down the hallway.


Here's a picture of our other lovesac my dad gave us for his graduation. They are as comfortable as a couch or I think, even more comfortable. It really matches well in our living room. All the colors go well with the walls and couches. Thanks again dad!

And last of all this is our kitchen. We found this table and chairs of Craigs List. If any of you haven't ever gone on it, it is great. Try it!

We have really been blessed to have such a nice house to live in. We just love it! All family and friends are welcome to come visit or stay at anytime. We love you all!


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The Dahle's said...

am your house is so nice! i love it!! we have 2 sinks in our bathroom and a microwave hanging in the kitchen like urs and i love both! i tagged u on my blog so u will have to go to it and see :)

Busty LaRue said...

Cute house! What is up with your dad selling the love sacs now?! I remember a time when he wouldn't even make me, your roomie, one! GOSH! j/k :) Again, such a cute house!!

sarahbclark! said...

hey amber! this is sarah, from church & playgroup. love the new house! i think you live right near some friends of ours, i know they have the exact same floorplan as you guys. i hope we'll still get together even though the kidscommons isn't free anymore!