Thursday, February 7, 2008


Yeah! We're finally here at our home in Indiana. It was fun though this past month taking off work and all. David just finished school at BYU and just got hired on at Cummins out here in Columbus, Indiana. However, we were able to take about a month off and we spent a few weeks at my parents during the holidays and then spent a few weeks in California at Davids parents as you can tell going to Sea World and the Zoo down there. We had such a fun time vacationing and actually being together more than a few hours a day. During school that was how it was. Only seeing each other in the morning for an hour and then a few hours at night before we went to bed. So, it was nice to just relax and visit all our family before we took the big far move out here. Sad, but true it couldn't last forever.

Here are some pictures of when the moving truck came with all our stuff. It was so nice having them pack all of our stuff for us. We didn't have to pack anything, we didn't even have to take any pictures off the wall. They did it all. Although, now I wish I would have packed a few myself. A few things broke that I wish wouldn't have. They'll reimburse us though it sounds like, hopefully.

Jackson loves to put his shorts on his head. Wrong place Jackson! He does the funniest things sometimes.

Despite all the craziness with the movers coming, Jackson was still all smiles.

This is Jackson monkeying around!

Right now anytime we ask Jackson to smile. He pulls this huge cheesing smile! We just love it. Such a cutie!


TKA said...

hooray! It is always fun when you have a new post...we already miss you guys too much. Just knowing that you aren't in Provo anymore is so sad :( but exciting that you guys will have some new adventures out there. I love the pictures. Your home is beautiful, I bet it is so much fun. Little Jackson is so cute...what a little character he is. I will have to show Alexa his pictures.

Busty LaRue said...

Amber I love your house! It is so cute!! Good luck unpacking and getting everything settled. That seems to always be the hardest part for me. It's easy to pack, especially if you didn't have to pack it. haha Jackson is such a cutie! I can't believe how big he is getting!