Thursday, January 24, 2008


It was so much fun seeing the whales and the dolphins at Sea World, although we did decide to sit in the non soaking zone. We heard you just get completely soaked so we decided to sit a little higher up. We realized it was true. Those whales were totally amazing. GO SHAMU! The dolphines were way cool. They felt kinda funky, they felt like rubber. It was fun though how they would come right up to you and let you pet them.

It was way cool touching the starfish. David was the brave one to hold the starfish while I just touched it.
There was also this fun show called PETS RULE. I couldn't believe everything they were able to train the animals to do. They had this dog walking with only its two hind feet. It looked like he was a normal person walking, but with fur.

We went on this fun boat ride together while Grandpa watched Jackson. We weren't informed that there was going to be a waterfall we were going to go under. We go completely soaked.

It's so cute now, Jackson will smile when we tell him to smile. He pulls this huge smile that could make anyone happy. He's such a cute boy. Getting more grown up by the second.


We had so much fun while we were in California before heading to our new home. We were able to go to one of the San Diego Zoos which was so fun.

We all sorts of different animals like the giraffe, elephants, lions, many different birds, reptiles, these animals above that have horns, and many more. It was so much fun going with Grandpa Pendleton. Jackson had so much fun hanging out with the Pendleton side down in California. Thanks so much for letting us come stay Grandma and Grandpa.

Not such a fan of these LONG snakes we saw in a show they had there at the Zoo.It was so pretty while we were there. We couldn't ask for better weather. It's so hard now being here in Indiana when the weather is 19 degrees. It's not anything like sunny California.

Jackson looked a little scared of the lions here.
They were pretty close as you can tell. There was a glass wall there though which was nice of course. The lion seemed to be watching us pretty closely.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Time at Grandma and Grandpa Pendletons

It was so much fun this past week staying with Davids family down here in Riverside, California. One night we went to this place thats new around here called John's Incredible Pizza Company. It was awesome, they had a buffett of different pizzas, pastas and salads. They had different pizzas that were very unique like Cheeseburger pizza and Macaroni and Cheese pizza. It was fun also playing all the different games they had along with all the rollercoasters and other rides. An amusement park indoors. Way cool!

Jackson had a fun time playing around with his cousins. His little cousin Grant wanted him to go on the rollercoaster. So....

He even went on a rollercoaster for his first time.

He held on very tight to his daddy as you can see.

He seemed to really like it. I think the rollercoaster took him by surprise. He hasn't quite done anything like it that's for sure. He did cry a little after it got over. His cousins Jacob and Ethan went too. It seemed like the kids really had a blast.

Grandma Pendleton, David, Jackson, and Aunt Wendi had fun playing on this game called Jungle Safari. Grandma really got into it.

Jackson did not like the frog ride we put him on. Won't be doing that again for a while.

We had a lot of fun playing the basketball shooting game. Competing to see who could get the most baskets. Jackson loves shooting the basketball. He kept getting mad we wouldn't let him the whole time. He did get a few shots here and there though. Maybe he'll be a basketball player some day. Who knows? His daddy sure gets him into sports a lot.

I don't know if any one has seen this T.V. show but it's a game called Deal or No Deal. We had fun taking a few shots at it.

Here's David, Jackson and my sister in law Wendi. Jackson is struggling here to get down. He just wanted to run all over the place there.

Jackson loved playing the Skee ball game. His daddy helped him get a little closer to get a better shot.

Jacob is so good with his little sister Cambrie. He's always such a big helper.

Grant, Ethan, and their mom, Cindy (my sister-in-law) had fun playing the basketball game. They're such a cute family.

The place had fun rooms to eat in like a sport room, cartoon room where they were showing Jetsons, and many more. It was a way fun place to go to.

Jackson LOVES Elmo!

Jackson just loves to watch Elmo now. As you can tell he also likes to watch it while holding his Elmo doll and his baby doll that use to be Davids. It's so funny to watch how excited he gets when we turn Elmo on. He starts dancing and swinging his body in every which way.

At Grandma and Grandpa Pendletons Jackson loves to watch his cowboy up Elmo movie while riding the horse at their house. He gets really into it as you can tell.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Our Last Days In Provo, Utah

It was so much fun going to our last BYU basketball game as students. (So, we hope!) David just graduated from BYU with his bachelors degree so we are moving to Columbus, Indiana. He got a job there working for Cummins, a diesel engine company. So, we spent our last days in Provo, Utah doing a few fun things that we really enjoyed doing while we were there. We went to the BYU game and got to sit on the second row. (David just loved it!)

Jackson had a lot of fun going on the basketball court before the game started with his dad. We knew a guy that works as a security guard down on the floor.

David finished up working at the MTC with his missionaries about a week ago. He worked there for three years and was really sad to actually leave his job. He just loved working with the missionaries. He loved to help missionaries grow and become better hard working missionaries that ready to go out into the field. He did such a great job doing it too.

This was Davids last group of missionaries he taught.

I was able to spend some time with my two sisters for the last time for a little while since we are moving pretty far away. We actually went snowboarding just the three of us up at Fairview for fun. It ended up being a complete blizzard and so we ended up snowboarding down the mountain on the street where we could get pulled by a rope behind my dads truck and could actually see where we were going. That was a blast, thanks mom and dad!

Nathan, Jacksons cousin, is getting so big. Jackson had so much fun playing with Nathan. It was fun to see Nathan walking around with his walker. He is just adorable.

They also had a lot of fun playing in my parents tent that my mom got at her book club. Jackson just had a ball going in and out of the tent. Thank goodness it wasn't a breakable tent. Jackson would jump in and out of it. He would also like to jump on it which was okay since it didn't break or anything.

As you can see Jackson is diving into the tent. He is one busy body. Always go...go..go!

Jackson loves soccer balls. Yes!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Spending time with Kevin & Cindy

Jackson had so much fun playing with his other cousins on the Pendleton side, Ricky and Billy.
He loved playing with their little people toys, CARS slippers as you can tell, and he also LOVED seeing their DOGS! Oh boy, he got so excited to look at them outside their back door. Someday we might have to get a dog (little dog) since he loves them so much. We will have an invisible fence at our new house.
In this picture Jackson could hear the dogs barking so he now will put his hand up to his ear in showing that he can hear something. Such a funny kid.
David always plays so good with all the grandkids.

Ricky and Billy are such an adorable kids.