Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Mommy spending time with the girls

It was so much fun, I was able to spend some time with my girlfriends from Highschool before we left Utah. We went to Olive Garden and had dinner together. Now that we all almost have children it's not so easy to all find a good time for us to get together. It's always so much fun though when we are able to. Left to Right: Katie, Karen, Lauren, Libby, Amber, Amber, and me (Amber) He..He...

This was me with my two other friends that are both Ambers. In Highschool it was so funny when we were always together and people would say Amber and all of us would turn around in response. It was always so funny. We all always had so much fun together.

I love all these girls, thanks for being such good friends!


The Dahle's said...

love the pics! i am going to miss u girl! we for sure will have to keep in touch though thank goodness for email and facebook and blogs lol. i love the pic of us 3 minus my red eyes and i love the last one too they all look like they are laughing. that was so fun and i am so glad i got to see u before u leave! i am so thankful to have u as a friend and i love ya!